Why a wish list?

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I am planing on using this blog to show you what I really really need (yeah right !!!!)

Ce blog va me servir à montrer mes goûts en images.

Hand dyes fabric / toiles teintes:

* From Silkweaver : 28 or 32 count lugana or jobelan only.

Fabrics/ toiles:

* Any colours in 28 or 32 count lugana or jobelan.

Charts / grilles:

Madame la fée

Passione Ricamo: Fall

Lavender wings: Frosty night:

Vermillon stitchery, Bundle of bears.
Stoney Creek, North Pole Pals:


Bucilla: best friends.

A friend in need:

Mill Hills Kits (like Chuy said: those are totally in my style !!!) :

Warm wishes snow lady:

Joy snowman:

Sweet greeting gingerbread

Merry christmas Santa


Making snowmen wall hanging


Gingher glory: